For Sale!!!

Well we are officially up for sale, the news from the listing agent was good, but now we just need this beautiful house to find a new family. This was our 4th house and the intention was to be our final and forever home, so much for intentions..ha ha. There are many good things about this journey, we know that we still have enough physical energy to make it through the major renovation on this house. We can still work together with out killing one another, not that it wasn’t thought about from time to time, just kidding! or maybe not? We have made some friends here. Made the best of the situation enjoying the beautiful country that it is, just not for the rest of our lives… sorry Tennessee… your are majestic , worth visiting, and possibly one of the friendliest states we have ever lived in, much rather be a tourist than an resident. We certainly can’t all want to live in the same place right? I mean how crowded would that be? We have found a home in Henderson, Nevada which we both have fallen in love with, we have put an offer on the house, now we play the waiting game. Another bank owned property so it could be a waiting game for sure. The house is in good shape, of course there will be changes. The outside is what drew us in … it is amazing, and the views, well it is …. to us… our dream home!!! Yes, i will be heartbroken if we don’t get it but I can’t help but be super excited about it ….. on to the next and FINAL renovation!?



Say what? Say finished!!!!

Well finally the inside of the house is finished!!!! Wahoo!

The last and final room the 2nd bedroom upstairs we are officially finished with the inside of the house.

We still have some clean up left outside, but it is time to get this house listed for sale, we have an agent coming on Sunday. I am a little concerned …. but hopeful that someone will just have to have it! It has been a long and very hard journey I couldn’t be happier that it is finally coming to an end, ready to move on to the final chapter in our lives, to find a home where everyday is like being on vacation.

Funny when I look back to the day I saw this house on the internet and how excited I was to buy it, WOW! that was some crazy!!! It is somewhat bitter sweet, I really like how the house turned out and we have put so much energy into it, even though I seem ok with leaving it I think I will be a little sad that it just wasn’t in the right place for me.

Well my friends I hope the next and final blog will bring news of this house is “SOLD”

Thanks for taking the journey with us on this adventure

Peace, Enjoy!!!

Are we done YET!!!?

I can’t explain why, but as we get closer to the finish of this house it has become so daunting!!!! Which is ridiculous, I mean the projects that are left to do in comparison to the beginning are so easy, but somehow they are becoming overwhelming. Maybe it’s just burn out, exhaustion, or just plain tired of the dance, just want it to end and be DONE!!!

So anyway here are some updates, the siding is finished and it turned out great, what can I say that Wayne has some amazing talents, he can do…. well …anything , and do it well!

Then there is this….. what a mess, I think that is the most difficult part for me, the mess left to deal with every time we finish something up….UGH!!!!IMG_0989

Then the work shifted to the last room in the house on the 2nd floor. This room had no closet so it could not be considered a bedroom, that easy put in a closet, your a bedroom now! The floor was good enough to not have to replace it, but it needed too much work for it to be restored, so it is getting painted, still a work in progress, what can I say it becomes more difficult to push through it these days.

Prepped and ready for paint, floor paint, trim on windows and baseboards, yup the room is ready, now its just a matter of us getting ready…LOL!

I really wish I could say that once this room is finished that we would be done, but that is not the case, then its time to make the list of finishing touches through out the house. The stairs still need to be trimmed out, the railing needs to go up, wallpaper has to be finished in the hallway, some trim needs to be finished in the master, some siding still needs to be repaired, well anyway there is still much to be done, not to mention the cleaning up  of the messes!!!!!!

That’s  all for now, PEACE ….. Enjoy!


What’s New?

Things are moving along on the house. Did some sprucing up on the front porch. Applied a texture paint to the stairs, painted the the support beams and gave the house it’s numbers.

Time to move up, work starts on the 2nd floor, we were hoping that the second floor would be minimal work,no such luck in this room! The entire floor had to be ripped out… oh goody!

New floor joists had to be put in so the floor could be leveled.There is Wayne AGAIN with the finger….. geez!!!IMG_0963

new floors going in, then there were issues with the  windows, which had to be taken out completely and re-framed ( one of them wasn’t even attached, which by now really isn’t surprising with this house)

tear it out and do it right!

Now time to finish the room, the closet was already a pretty good size, so instead of using the open space left from removing the chimney, ya’ll remember that? We made a desk area/work space. Painted a chalk board , used a left over butcher block and done!

Carpet tiles are becoming my favorite thing, so easy to use and the cost is so reasonable.

#3 bedroom… DONE!

Moving back outside, Wayne has started to replace the vinyl siding, this was the area on the house where we had to remove the chimney used for the wood stove on the 1st floor, you know where it had caught on fire! This is also an area where the addition, part of the porch was incorporated into the house, now wait for it…..  which was NOT done right….. oh yeah I know you are shocked by that, LOL!

I have been working on the last room on the 2nd floor, looks like this will be a slam dunk compared to all the other rooms. I had moved all our boxes of unpacked stuff inside before winter, and it went to the this room on the 2nd floor so now I had to move it all out, since we will not being staying here I pretty much just stopped unpacking however a good amount of the boxes had been opened and things taken out, so I had to repack them all, I shifted all the Christmas decorations to the garage and moved the rest to the other bedroom closet. I think I have mentioned this before, who needs a gym when your doing a remodel? I have noticed that it seems to take us longer to finish up these last projects, which are not nearly as tasking as the beginning of this remodel.Kinda strange but we are Pushing through it.

Peace…. Enjoy!

Master Bathroom

It is hard to believe that we have been here for a year, April 5, 2015 we parked our motor home here and went to work. The entire 1st floor of the house is now completed, funny when I remember Wayne saying we would be done in 6 months. Who knew we would find the things we did and end up building a new house inside this old farm house. I guess that I have mentioned we will NOT being staying here in this house, we plan to list it for sale next spring. The house is okay , actually it is better than okay I am amazed at what we have accomplished and how well it all has turned out. The people  in the area are very nice, but this off the grid thing…. just not for me! I am city girl, I need all those conveniences that a city has to offer , that being said I guess I will just go on to show you the master bathroom. I have already taken my 1st bath and wow, I forgot how wonderfully relaxing a good soak in the tub can be, it was awesome!!!!

Having the double sinks is really great, the insets in the shower are perfect more than I needed, guess I can add stuff. We were only going to do  a pony at first to give some division from the sink area to the toilet/bath area but then decided on the full wall, I am really happy we did, it keeps the moisture somewhat isolated to bath area and the mirrors don’t steam up at all, that is really nice. I got the deepest tub I could find and it is AWESOME!!!!. To date I would say the master bath is now my favorite room. Where the cute little night light is that my sis-in-law Barb gave me was originally going to have a TV wall mounted, but it turned into this big ordeal so we will just leave that for the next owners . I just pop a movie into my DVD player and that works. In this case I am going to say that these pictures for sure don’t do this bathroom justice….. it is amazing! Everything we have accomplished in this old house is TRULY amazing. Only 2 rooms left in the house to finish, and some outside stuff to finish up. We have to work on a budget from month to month but we are getting it done. Peace ….Enjoy !

What’s this I see?

The master bath is well underway, my bathtub is soooo beautiful, I can hardly wait to take a nice long soak, with bubbles!!!! We discussed putting in a pony wall by the toilet, then  decided to build a whole wall, really this was something Wayne wanted to do and , well, I can’t keep shooting down all his ideas, can I? So the wall goes in! I guess we have been dragging our feet a little on this one, we have already passed 2 completion dates, LOL! but it is coming along we hope to have it done by this coming weekend, well except for the paint? it looks like we will need more the addition of the wall came after the paint purchase , just when you think you have everything need, you don’t bah!

The framing goes in, since this part of the house was the add-on from 2007 part of the walls are exterior and needed to be insulated, as you might recall they never connected the add-on to the main structure of the house and some of the bathroom wall were part of that, of course we did attach it just so know.

Then the drywall went up, we also added a vapor barrier on the floor, and there she is my beauty, my bathtub!!!!! in case you haven’t guessed, I love to soak in the tub. The wall we are putting in will also have my TV mounted so I can watch my favorite movie while I soak, oh my the simple things that bring such joy!!!!! Wayne is most excited about not having to wait on the bathroom anymore, can’t say I blame him there I may doddle a bit.

We also finished some outside work, gravel is all way around the house, and the damaged vinyl siding  on the back of the house has been replaced. After the master bath is finished we will get the siding on the carport entrance up, I am getting a little tired of looking at the tyvek . Well that is about all for now, hope you enjoy, and hope to have completed pictures by the weekend? maybe? Peace 🌼

Lazy days are OVER!

It’s time to get back to work we have used every excuse to not resume work. With the downstairs being almost complete we got pretty lazy using excuses  like “can’t really do anything when the weather is bad”, “We don’t really have the supplies we need to finish”, ” It’s the Holiday’s we are entitled to some time off” Well those days are over!!! We are expecting our 3rd , and hopefully last delivery from Home Depot tomorrow with all the supplies and materials we need to finish this old house. Today was our official back to work day, after voting of course. There really wasn’t much demo left to do in the masterbath area so I knocked it out pretty fast. Wayne has been working on the electrical, dropping in for the lights and the fan/light combo. Most of the plumbing is already in place ready to hook up. Wayne’s sister Barb was here for a visit and helped us to get the floor covering ( we don’t have a vehicle to haul it) so that was cool. Now to pull it all together, I am really anxious for the bathtub!!!!! Barb also brought me a light fixture and I started to work on it for the bathroom, then I decided that I wanted to keep it for our forever home…. cuz friends…. this ain’t it!

I think Wayne was giving me finger…. geez! Guess he is not happy about returning to work. The bathroom is 13ft. long and about 6ft. wide. It is going to be awesome. Oh yeah one more thing, when Wayne’s sister was here for a visit, she said the pictures do not do the house justice, that was pretty cool to hear, since I thought the pictures looked nice. So YAY, for us!!! Peace… Enjoy!